Listen to what some of our clients are saying!

Beverly B. from Wilmington, NC, writes:

I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for empowering these women for their work by encouraging others like myself through a difficult time. EmPOWERment In PINK has been so supportive through my storm. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. May God continue to use EIP to do great works wholeheartedly. You just don't know how you inspired me. God bless you ladies. My family thanks you as well.

– Beverly B.

Dr. Charles Kays, MD. from Wilmington, NC, writes:

EmPOWERment In PINK is an organization that supports those women in need when they are often in their darkest hours. It can be incredibly frightening when a women has to deal with the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer, and the overwhelming consequences of the disease, but when there is little or no financial help, it not only makes their fear insurmountable, but may even keep them from receiving the therapies needed for them to combat the disease. EmPOWERment In PINK is a necessary, and needed, resource to aid those women. Ms. Cynthia Simpson's vision, and those that assist her, are valuable to our community.

– Dr. Charles Kays, MD. (Plastic Surgeon)

Renée Garris from Wilmington, NC, writes:

My family wishes to acknowledge EmPOWERment In PINK for all the love they have shown for our dear Gabby. My granddaughter, Gabrielle Garris, was diagnosed in August with a rare type of leukemia. Once EIP learned of Gabby they immediately made contact with the family. They have shown great concern for Gabby and the family. Not a week has gone by without calls or texts. Along with other organizations, EIP raised money to give to the family. They were able to surprise Gabby by driving to Chapel Hill and presenting her mother with the check. Gabby will always remember the Ladies in Pink. Thank you EIP for being inspiring, dedicated, determined, and caring. I pray that God will continue to walk with each of you as you set out to help others through their journey.

– Renée