The Rivers of Living Water Church, Hillsborough, NC

Giving Praise to God for allowing EIP to network with The Rivers of Living Water Church in Hillsborough North Carolina. It was a very spiritual and awesome moment as we celebrated the two-year anniversary of Minister Charetha Alston's Breast Cancer. Please listen to her testimony. Also giving thanks to Apostle Virginia Spencer for inviting and believing in EIP and for the words of encouragement-WE GO TO THE ROCK.... You have been with EIP from the start, when we received our very first Mentions Award at Good News Outreach Ministries and also at the Snowflake Ceremony this year. Again thank you for believing in us and we enjoyed fellowshipping with you and looking forward to return. Last but not least, giving a shout out to Lena Rattley for the speech-caring for a cancer patient. You did GREAT. EIP LOVES YOU! !!!!!

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